Frequently Asked Questions

What's up with the Siren & Co.?

We offer highly edited, stylish wedding videos. The goal is to capture what it felt like to be there! We present our work as a cinematic story using all the best footage and speeches from the entire day boiled down into one fun filled edit-or two depending on what package you go with.

Do you also provide the whole wedding ceremony uncut?

Yes, we do! As a dvd special feature we provide your wedding ceremony uncut, along with all of your speeches and other fun filled sound bits captured throughout the day.

Do you travel?

Where are you based?

We're based in Los Angeles, and we love to travel! Plus there are no travel fees for weddings within a 70 miles radius of LA.

How do we book you guys?

First contact us! After you've picked your package, we'll send you a contract and an invoice. A 50% deposit is required to book the date, and the rest is due the day of the event.

Who picks the music?

We do. For the very reason we must use licensed music or we can get sued! But if need be we can compromise. We'll send you a couple of songs we believe would fit perfect for the emotion of your wedding, and the choice is yours from there.

How long does it take to get our wedding video?

8-12 weeks

Can we hire you to shoot and not edit?

Well... you probably like what we shoot, because of the finished edit.

Can we send you the footage and get an edit?

Sure! We love to edit. But buyers beware the vision of your wedding may be lost in translation. As a safe bet we like to do everything as a whole; so the magic of your wedding is captured in its entirety.

How many shooters come to the wedding?

Two by default, (and one coordinator).

For same day edits you get two shooters, and an editor.

What's a same day edit?

A same day edit is edited much like the Highlight video. The main difference is that the same day edit is produced on location and shown at the reception. This is a huge crowd favorite!

Can we customize a package based on our specific needs?

Absolutely! Tell us what you would like and we can make it happen.

What kind of camera's and equipment do you guys use?

We shoot with cinematic cannon 5D mark III and 7D mark II cameras. Everything is in HD!

What about audio?

We place professional lav mics on the groom during the ceremony and also record mic feed through the speakers, so that everyone standing at the alter can me heard nice and clear during your wedding video.

Will the person who films the wedding, edit our wedding?

The editing is a team effort. But we have an in house editor who keeps the cue moving all the time, to get your wedding mailed to you as soon as possible!

Do your shooters live off of sunlight and air?

No...No plants, just one vegan!

Do we need to feed you at our wedding?

Yes Please! We would be eternally grateful or we would other wise faint. And we stay longer if you let us eat cake!

What's your favorite Ice Cream?

Double Fold Vanilla from Salt and Straw is my FAVORITE!! Classic Vanilla, Love it!!

Do you guys do photography as well?

We don't, but we partner with various photographers, here are some of them from our favorites: 1: Alison D Photography: www.alisondphotography.com 2: XO and Fetti: www.xoandfetti.com 3: Dan and Tyler Photography: https://danandtyler.com 4: Loie Photography: www.loiephotography.com 5: Mary Costa Photography: www.MaryCostaweddings.com We also partner with Michael Sasser Stills for boudoir photography: https://sasserstillsboudoir.com